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On 23rd February 2021, after 10 years, Receipt Bank has a name – Dext Prepare!

Here at Accurate Balance we have been using Receipt Bank with all clients for the past 4.5 years. It’s your digital filing cabinet, keeping all of your documents secure for 7 years!  It’s also how you get your documents to us for quick processing of your accounts. It allows you and all of your advisors, us as your BAS Agent and also your Accountant, clarity over each and every expense transaction. This ensures that the correct GST treatment is applied to each transaction and also to make sure that the expense is actually a valid tax deduction for your business. You can also use it for storing any larger business documents you may need to keep on file.

Receipt Bank Mobile App

From today there will be a new update available to all Receipt Bank users on IOS and android devices that will update the app name to Dext. There will be no change to functionality and all Receipt Bank users will be able to continue using the app as normal with their existing username and password.

Submitting documents to your email-in address

Every user will have a new address that is identical to their Receipt Bank one (ie. If your ‘email-in’ address was [email protected] it will now be [email protected] ) but Dext Prepare will support your existing address for the next couple of years, and will give us plenty of notice when they stop doing so.

I suggest you update your email-in address that you have saved on your PC or phone contacts that you use for forwarding documents to us.

If you have given any of your suppliers your email-in address for them to send invoices directly to Receipt Bank, then please also advise the suppliers of the updated changes to the email.

As always, if you have any questions regarding Dext Prepare please click contact , we are here to help!



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